MUEBLES TONTEM contributes to the conservation of primary forests in Guatemala by using only certified wood.

MUEBLES TONTEM supports UPROBON, a conservationist organization managing the Chelemhá Cloud Forest Reserve in the Yalijux mountain southeast of Cobán. The Chelemhá Lodge was designed and built by Markus Reinhard of Muebles Tontem and is equipped with MUEBLES TONTEM furnitures. Chelemhá is part of the Yalijux Important Bird Area (IBA GT010) and home to the Resplendent Quetzal, Guatemala's national bird, and many bird species restricted to the highlands of northern Central America.

Muebles Tontem supports Chelemha cloud forest reserve.
MUEBLES TONTEM supports Chelemhá cloud forest reserve.

Visit Chelemhá Lodge and cloud forest reserve:

Chelemha Lodge
Chelemhá Lodge and cloud forest reserve.
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