Affordable modular furniture

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Modular furniture, shelves, Viena, Bremen, Bonn, Berlin, Paris

Closet furniture.

Modular furniture, stools, walk-in closet, wardrobe, night table

Kids' room.

Modular furniture, stools, desk, chair, mezzanine, bunk bed

Kids' room.

Modular furniture, chest with drawers, mezzanine, shelves Paris, bunk bed, lockable chest


Modular furniture, foldable table, workbench, table, chairs, shelves Viena

Basic shelves.

Modular furniture, tray, desk, boxes, shelves Basilea, Hamburgo, stools


Modular furniture, shelves, by Muebles Tontem

Compose your furniture based on your requirements! Our modular furniture system can be set up in countless different combinations of standardized components of durable cypress (Neocupressus lusitanica) wood. Cypress wood has several advantages because:

Our modular furniture line is available in four different finishs:

finish of modular furnitures

Download a print version (PDF) of our catalog of modular furniture:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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